2020 Predator World 10-Ball Registration

Registration must be completed by July 1

Congratulations. If you have reached this page, you are likely one of the privileged players that have been selected to participate in the $100,000 added 2019 Predator World 10-Ball Championship. Please note: you are not registered until you complete one of the payment options below. Registration must be completed by July 1. If you do not complete your registration by July 1, your spot may be given to another player.


If you have not been invited and have reached this page by error, please do not register for this event.

Registration/Entry Fee: $500 + 5% processing/convenience fee = $525

Preferred Payment Option ($525)

1. PayPal / Credit Card

Other Payment Options ($525)

2. Call CueSports International at 1-866-USA-POOL to pay over the phone via credit card.

3. Wire Transfer

  • Routing Transit Number: 121000248

  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank

  • Bank Street Address: 420 Montgomery Street

  • Bank City & State: San Francisco, CA

  • Beneficiary Account Number: 1299944262

  • Beneficiary Account Name: CUESPORTS INTERNATIONAL, LLC

  • SWIFT Code (for international wires only): WFBIUS6S